About Us

About Us


What time does the worship service begin?

10:30 a.m.

Where are you located?

2001 Niles Avenue
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085
Email: office@fccstjoseph.org 
Phone: 269-983-5519
Facebook: FCCStJoseph

I’m new.  Can I get some more information?

Welcome!  Read more about us below or check out the I’m New webpage.
Give the church office a call at 269-983-5519 anytime!

Our Identity

We are an Open and Affirming community:  Because we believe each person is made in God’s Image, we welcome all persons into the life and worship of this congregation.
No matter where you are on the journey of life – regardless of age, ability, gender identity or sexual orientation, racial or ethnic background – you are welcome here!

Our Mission

We welcome people to faith in Jesus Christ to:

Discover God

The foundation of all that we are and do as Christians is the presence and power of God. We treasure that God has created each of us as unique persons, and we celebrate how we repeatedly discover community through Jesus Christ. We discover God in worship, in fellowship, and in the stories and teachings of the Bible, through which God continues to speak. The love of this “discoverable” God inspires and motivates us to live life fully.

Equip One Another For Life

God meets us in our own individual journeys and invites us to help one another navigate the waters of life. We do that with worship services that reveal a God who cares about us intimately. We aim to not only teach our children in Sunday School and youth group but celebrate from infancy through adulthood every stage of growth. We encourage shared learning and support through various small groups like Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Ministry, Christian Education classes, and music ministries. These opportunities support friendships and encourage us to grow together in spiritual fellowship.

Reach Inward & Outward to Serve

We strive for balance. Scripture reveals that God’s love for us comes purely as a gift. As a result of experiencing that gracious, redeeming love, we accept the privilege and responsibility to reach out to others in Christ’s name. To reach “inward” is to take care of our ourselves and those within the personal circles of connection we each have.

To reach “outward” is to care for those who may never come through the doors of the church building or those we don’t normally encounter in our own personal circles. We grow in our understanding of reaching out to our local community and God’s wider world through the still-speaking voice of God’s Spirit.

We seek to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ through these six practices:

Daily Prayer

“Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you”
(James 4:8)
Prayer is the practice of drawing near.

Bible Reading

The Bible is the primary way God reveals divine intentions and desires, opening our eyes, hearts, and minds to God’s indescribable grace-filled love.

Weekly Worship

When we worship, we turn our full and humble attention to God, and we are always surprised to discover God filling us with certainty.

Generous Giving

Giving something of our everything is the most visible sign of “walking our talk.” We are what we do, what we offer, what we give.

Selfless Serving

Jesus lived a life of serving the least lovable in acts and attitudes of helping, healing, reconciling and restoring, bringing joy to both healed and healer.

Spiritual Friendships

Deepening friendships with other Christians is not exclusionary. They are where we find encouragement for the journey, and inspiration to love all, not just Christians.

Our Structure

First Congregational Church UCC follows a “congregational” polity (or governance).  It is led and exists by its members.  While the Minister acts as a guide and shepherd for the congregation, the membership of the congregation partners with the Minister in directing the operations of the congregation’s ministry. 
To learn more, check out this info sheet on how FCC is structured.