The time of death can be one of the most difficult experiences for all of us. We are sensitive to the emotions involved and are aware of the many decisions about a service which must be made in a short time. We will help you wade through these waters with compassion and an awareness of God’s continuing presence.


When death is anticipated or experienced, you may call the Church Office to speak with the minister. You can also discuss the day, time, and place for the service. These plans are normally made in conjunction with the funeral home of your choice. The minister will arrange a meeting with the family to discuss details of the service.
Generally speaking, the difference between a Funeral and Memorial Service has to do with “when” the service is held. If the service follows death within a few days, it is referred to as a Funeral and the body is usually present. If there is a desire to delay the service, due to family schedules, etc., and burial or cremation has taken place, we usually refer to the service as a Memorial Service, although ashes are sometimes present. There is usually no difference in the way the service is planned.

Our Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden was dedicated to the glory of God and the service of the congregation in 2003. It is located at the southeast corner of the church building, immediately behind the Carrie Upton Chapel. The Memorial Garden provides a place for direct interment (without a container) of ash remains after cremation. This service is offered to past and present members of our congregation, members of their immediate family, and members of the church ministry staff. Exceptions will be considered by the Memorial Garden Committee. The name of the deceased is inscribed on a brass nameplate along with year of birth and death, and placed on a wall plaque in the garden. We do not use individual plantings. Under the mulch, numbered brass ground markers identify individual sites. The Memorial Garden was established in memory of R. Jack Zimmerman, given by his family. The Memorial Garden is designed as a place for quiet meditation and remembrance. It is open to visitors during daylight hours. Arrangements for interment may be made through the Church Office at any time. Through consultation with the ministry staff, a Service of Remembrance can be held in honor of the deceased. Pre-arrangements are also available. Interment is typically done between April 1 and October 31. The contribution for interment includes the nameplate and custodial expenses, and provides for the ongoing care of the Memorial Garden. To make arrangements or for additional information, please contact the Church Office.   memorial-garden  

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

— Revelation 21:4