Serving Our Community

We are committed to our community and believe that God calls the local church to be part of the process of transforming its local context by striving to promote justice, mercy, and peace. One such transformation is helping to dismantle systems of oppression like racism, sexism and xenophobia, and the church enables change by seeking to listen, learn, and advocate for those affected by injustice. In light of recent events, here is a list of helpful resources for learning about and seeking to advocate for racial reconciliation. In addition to the many local organizations that we financially sponsor, we have made a commitment to partner with local ministries through hands-on volunteer opportunities and financial giving.
Called to Care
Called to Care Ministry members are energized by the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to others and to strengthen the life of the church. They are able to relate to people in many diverse circumstances of life. They are compassionate, have integrity, are able to maintain confidences, and are good listeners. On-going training is provided to enhance Called to Care Ministry members’ skills.
They aim to be a compassionate presence for those in our congregation who are in need of care and encouragement, as well as help those who are unable to attend worship and other church activities feel fully embraced by our church family.  They support the pastoral care ministries in which our Minister and Parish Nurse are continually engaged.
Called to Care serves those who are hospitalized, in care facilities, those experiencing short- or long-term physical illness, new parents, or those in other life-changing situations.  Called to Care also helps those who serve as Caregivers.  This may take the form of prayer, visits, meals, and many other ways of showing Christ’s love.
Parish Nurse
The Parish Nurse is a member of the ministry team who serves as a health counselor, educator, and advocate to the congregation. Though not intended to provide hands-on healthcare or to replace one’s personal physician, the Parish Nurse is a healthcare professional to whom parishioners may bring their health concerns and questions.
Our Parish Nurse can assist you by making referrals to physicians, helping to arrange necessary care, or coordinating healthcare assistance. All consultations with the Parish Nurse are kept completely confidential, in accordance with HIPPA laws. As a health educator, the Parish Nurse also works to raise health consciousness by providing seminars, classes, information, and advice on various topics.
The Parish Nurse’s expertise as a healthcare professional helps the ministry team to be more effective in its mission to care for the whole person, while providing parishioners with a valuable source of healthcare information.
Soup Kitchen
FCC partners with the Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen on a regular basis.  Our turn to serve is the third Tuesday of every month.
Rummage Sale
Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, FCC puts together a huge rummage sale, open to the entire community. Funds raised from the sale go to support service endeavors in the local community.
Family Scouts and Cub Scouts
Our church has continuously sponsored BSA Troop 623 for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest troops in the nation. The Scout Troop is very active; going on an outing at least once a month. 
2019 was the Troop’s 55th year to serve as the Governor’s Honor Guard on Mackinac Island. We are one of the longest participating troops in the state. This activity takes place for one week every summer, and the duties include raising and lowering flags at the historical sites and serving as guides at the various historic sites around the island.
The Troop’s main fundraisers are selling popcorn, parking cars during the Steelhead Triathlon, and the Brat Fry/Ice Sale held during the Tri-State Regatta on Labor Day weekend.  Meetings are held at the church on Monday nights from 7-8:30 p.m. If you know of any student between the ages of 11 and 17 who is interested in joining, visit our web page.
The Pack and Troop are very proud to be associated with First Congregational Church and thank the entire congregation for supporting the Scouting program!
Our Other Community Partners