Parish Nurse Ministry


The Parish Nurse is a member of the ministry team who serves as a health counselor, educator, and advocate to all in our church family. Though not intended to provide hands-on healthcare or to replace one’s personal physician, the Parish Nurse is a healthcare professional to whom parishioners may bring their health concerns and questions.

Our Parish Nurse can assist you by making referrals to physicians, helping to arrange necessary care, or coordinating healthcare assistance. All consultations with the Parish Nurse are kept completely confidential, in accordance with HIPPA laws. As a health educator, the Parish Nurse also works to raise health consciousness by providing seminars, classes, information, and advice on a wide range of topics.
The Parish Nurse’s expertise as a healthcare professional helps the ministry team to be more effective in its mission to care for the whole person, while providing parishioners with a valuable source of healthcare information.
See the Staff page or call the church office to get in touch with our Parish Nurse.