Boards and Committees

Boards and Committees

First Congregational Church is strengthened by the leadership of our board and committee members.

Elections happen every November.

Elected Officers

There are five elected officers for the First Congregational Church UCC:
  • Moderator and Moderator-Elect are two-year terms
  • Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer are one-year terms
  • Church Clerk is a one-year term

Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of the First Congregational Church. It oversees the general operation through Boards and may amend the budget as necessary to meet needs or changes.

Board of Christian Education

Six-member board with three-year terms supervising and directing the total education work of the church, from elementary and youth programming to adult learning opportunities.

Board of Diaconate

Eighteen-member board with three-year terms attending to the spiritual and sacramental needs of the church. The board provides ministries of personal outreach and welcoming of visitors to the church.

Board of Missions

Nine-member board with three-year terms administering social services, benevolences and mission endeavors of the church.  This board also oversees distribution of mission funds and promotes opportunities for hands-on outreach, including local, national and international sites.

Board of Trustees

Nine-member board with three-year terms that handles care and custody of all church assets, buildings, grounds and property. The board oversees business and financial matters and prepares the annual budget, overseeing its usage.

Endowment Fund Committee

Seven-member committee with three-year terms serving as custodian for the Endowment Fund.
One member is a Trustee appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Memorial Garden Committee

Three members with a three-year term responsible for the operation of Memorial Garden.

Remembrance Committee

Three members with a three-year term who receive, acknowledge, and account for and oversee the expenditure of financial gifts offered in memory of members.

Complimentary Committees

Pastoral Relations

3 church members and Moderator-Elect to support and maintain open and healthy relationship between Minister(s) and members of the congregation.

Spiritual Friendship

Two Diaconate members, a Trustee, Christian Education, Missions, and church members tasked with creating opportunities for fellowship and engagement as a community.


Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Senior Minister, Trustee representative, and 2 church members evaluate staff performance and the total ministry of the church.

Worship Planning Team

The Director of Music, Moderators, Senior Minister, Diaconate, others are welcome to join monthly meeting to plan and reflect on worship services.

Audio/Visual Team

Open to all members and assists with sound, lighting and video-editing of services


“Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.”

— Matthew 25:40