Called to Care



As Christian believers, we are called to care by a God who cares for us.


Called to Care Ministry members are energized by the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to others and to strengthen the life of the church. They are able to relate to people in many diverse circumstances of life. They are compassionate, have integrity, are able to maintain confidences, and are good listeners. On-going training is provided to enhance Called to Care Ministry members’ skills.

Our Goals

  • Be a compassionate presence for those in our congregation who are in need of care and encouragement.
  • Help those who are unable to attend worship and other church activities feel fully embraced by our church family.
  • Support the pastoral care ministries in which our Minister and Parish Nurse are continually engaged.

 Who We Serve

  • Those who are hospitalized
  • Those in care facilities
  • Those who are experiencing short- or long-term physical illness
  • New parents
  • Those in other life-changing situations
  • Those who serve as Caregivers

What We Offer

  • Prayer
  • Personal visits in the home, hospital, or care facility
  • Phone calls
  • Notes
  • Meals